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Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:BDS-shield Product specification for Dual Antennas Anti-Jamming Module BDS-shield Product specification for Four Channels Anti-Jamming Module
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Company Introduction:
Infox is a leading domestic supplier of special-purpose integrated circuit design and system solutions in the field of plough satellite positioning applications.Our team has 20 years of experience in GNSS system construction and accumulation of application of new generation information technology. We have a series of chips/boards/modules that are fully self-developed, domestically produced, highly integrated, and highly anti-interference with multiple solutions for two strategic industries of new energy terminal IOT and national key infrastructure, we provide services such as high-precision positioning, intelligent IOT, and anti-interference.
The globally leading miniaturized satellite signal anti-interference component is our independently developed core product. Mainly targeting unmanned platforms and national key industries related to major information security.The service targets include unmanned base stations for core infrastructure such as power, finance, and communication, which can significantly improve the security of PNT basic information.At the same time, it can also serve high-value logistics and other occasions that require continuous monitoring of operating trajectories, as well as be applied to autonomous vehicles to avoid positioning outliers or even positioning interruptions caused by various unintentional interferences.
The project of special-purpose integrated circuit design and industrial board and card is to focus on static millimeter level and dynamic centimeter level high-precision indicators, and further integrate 5G technology to provide flexible, stable and fast high-precision positioning services to a large number of users, carry out intelligent Internet of Things applications in innovative scenarios, achieve static attitude monitoring, dynamic real-time tracking, and remote control of the background.