Company: QinNav Technology Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:QinNav GNSS module can provide high-precision real-time positioning and orientation information. UAV can still obtain accurate position information and attitude information in a strong interference environment without being affected by interference.
Booth Number: 8B17
Contact address:
company phone: 400-060-8030
Company Introduction:
QinNav Technology Ltd is a high-precision GNSS technology leader integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has a local R&D team specialized in high-precision GNSS core technology for many years. It can provide high-precision space-time location information products and services for professional applications, industry applications, and public applications, and fully meet the application needs of the Internet of Things, intelligent driving, robots, drones, surveying and mapping, and precision agriculture. High-precision , high availability, high dynamics, low latency and other characteristics, it can be widely used in various scenarios of modern operations.