Company: PIESAT Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Construction of UAV service system and UAV service network.
Booth Number: 9D73
Contact address:
company phone: 400-890-0662
Company Introduction:
PIESAT, established in 2008, is the leading domestic satellite operation and application service provider, and is the first batch of listed companies in the science and technology board. The
company has developed a PIE (Pixel Information Expert) with completely independent intellectual property. It has the first domestic remote sensing and geographic information cloud service
platform PIE-ENGINE to achieve the localization alternative of the basic software of remote sensing, the largest multi-level, multi-mode hybrid remote sensing satellite constellation-Nvwa
constellation, the first phase of the project plans to launch 38 business satellites, the business capabilities expand to the whole satellite industry chain; \"Skyfield\" integrated service capabilities. Provide overall solutions for government, enterprises, universities, and other relevant departments to provide basic software products, system design development, remote sensing
cloud services and other space information applications.The company\'s headquarters is located in Beijing and has more than 160 branches across the country. The R & D centers have been established in Xi\'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Changsha and other places.
At present, there are more than 3,500 employees in the company, including more than 150 doctors, more than 1,300 masters, more than 200 talents and industry experts from overseas study abroad, and more than 80%of engineering and technical personnel. Based on its own basic software platform and core technologies, PIESAT independently undertakes and participated in a series of major national strategic projects to provide system consulting and design for natural resources, ecological environment, emergency management, meteorological, ocean, water conservancy, agriculture and other industrial departments.
Provide system consulting design, full -process all -factor remote sensing information analysis and processing, support government agencies to implement refined supervision and scientific decision -making; service financial insurance, precision agriculture, energy power, transportation and other enterprise users, provide empty and large data analysis and information services; also provide services such as automatic identification, accurate navigation positioning, and environmental information analysis of other relevant departments. PIESAT takes \"technology to change the world\'s remote sensing into life\" as its core mission, adhering to the core values of \"serving customers with all the concentrics to show the macro map\", continuously enhances the
core competitiveness, and achieves innovative breakthroughs in many fields. By issuing scholarships and other methods, the training of college talents is promoted, while maintaining the stable
development of performance, focusing on providing investors with sustainable and reasonable
We are doing hand in hand with colleagues around the world, mutual benefit and win -win, and
strive to realize the great vision of \"let Chinese remote sensing software PIE serve the world\"!