Company: Smart Grid(Beijing) Tech co., LTD
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Products info:Cloud box series, designed to enable various UAV to capable of network connecting during flight, realize real-time data transmission and online remote control. Provide data to AI and ML platform,
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Company Introduction:
Founded in 2016, Smart Grid(Beijing) Tech co., LTD(TYJW) focuses on the research and development of technologies related to UAV networking applications, and is committed to the large-scale application and development of UAVs in the civil field. According to the idea of \"Internet + UAV\", provide \"one-stop\" services such as key technologies, system integration, information application and general aviation of the UAV industry for UAV users in the government, industry and public. It focuses on the development of three business areas: UAV industry application, UAV management and control services and Research on Key Technologies of Internet connected UAVs. It has successively participated in a number of national projects and obtained the qualification of UAV cloud system National high-tech enterprises and other honors and industry qualifications, and achieved a number of technological achievements.

Since its establishment, TYJW reinfrastructure inspection UAV industry application, 5g network UAV system, UAV integrated management and control and other industry fields have established an excellent corporate reputation, providing efficient and practical UAV application technology for the fields of petroleum and mineral resources, transportation and road administration, urban security, river and lake water affairs, etc. at the same time, in the field of key regional protection and UAV integrated management, it has successively won the titles of Civil Aviation Administration The relevant system qualification certification of the Ministry of public security has participated in many industry competitions and competitions, and has achieved proud results.

TYJW is committed to combining the advantages of 5G with UAV technology, expanding the application field of UAV and improving the supervision efficiency: first, improve the intelligent level of UAV, and improve the flight performance, transmission efficiency and data processing ability of UAV; The second is to further expand the application of unmanned aerial vehicles. Applications such as aerial photography live broadcast, power line patrol, logistics express, patrol and inspection are increasing; Third, it helps to achieve efficient supervision of UAVs. 5G networked UAVs will become an effective means to build low altitude intelligent networking.