Company: Hangzhou Antwork Technology Co., Ltd
Range Category: UAV,other
Products info:Antwork RA3、Antwork TR9、uamOS
Booth Number: 2C171
Contact address:
company phone: 400-765-5670
Company Introduction:
Hangzhou Antwork Technology Co., Ltd. is a drone delivery company established in 2015. Antwork is the world\'s first entity approved by the Civil Aviation Administration to carry out the commercial operation of urban drone delivery, with the license number of 0001. As the pioneer of urban air delivery, Antwork has made a lot of cutting-edge innovations and developed a comprehensive product matrix including delivery drones, unmanned stations, intelligent avionics system and cloud based dispatching management platform to meet the challenges of large-scale and automated drone delivery operation in urban environment. Through independent operation of drone delivery services, Antwork has built a safe, efficient, low-carbon urban air delivery network.
Antwork has provided a large number of industry-leading customers with urban air delivery solutions in the fields of medical, instant delivery, e-commerce, postal express, etc. So far, Antwork has completed more than 600,000 kilometers of commercial delivery flights, and has drafted and released three core industry standards in the field of urban air delivery, continuously leading the industry development.
Antwork\'s leading position in the urban air logistics track has also been recognized by venture capital institutions. Now, Antwork has completed several rounds of financing. The investors include Sequoia Capital, TH Capital, Panda Capital, Jiuhe Venture Capital and other top VCs.