Company: HANVO
Range Category: UAV accessories,other
Products info:Multiple Senses Bionic Vision Self-driving System
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company phone: 0877-2777998
Company Introduction:
HANVO Aviation Technology was founded in 2019 by the team members from BUAA, NWPU, NTU Singapore and other top Universities in China. HANVO focuses on research and development of Artificial Intelligent Autonomous System including: flight control system of Unmanned Air Vehicles, high accurate navigation system, 3D perception and positioning system without GNSS, autonomous obstacle avoidance system.

In August 2020, HANVO developed and launched the first generation products: including C1 flight control system, N1 navigation system with D-RTK and 4G wireless communication module, which have passed the EU CE and the US FCC double testing certification, and have been used in many application fields.

In March 2022, HANVO has launched the second generation product MULTISENSE which has following functions: control and navigation, 3D space perception and positioning without GNSS, path planning and decision-making, and real-time autonomous obstacle avoidance.