Company: Beijing Aeronitor Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:VTOL UAV
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company phone: 010-58650999
Company Introduction:
Tus-UAV was founded in 2018,which com mitted to becoming the world\\\\\\\'s leading UAV products and integrated solutions provider,relying on Tsinghua University and excellent UAV R&D and designteam.Tus-UAV products and related technologies are all independently researched and developed. In the field of composite wing UAV, TUSUAV has been continuously leading the technolgicalinnovation for a long time,especially in the field of security application, occupying the main market share, with an annual flight mileage of more than 2 million kilometers. It has become the top brandin the fields of police affairs,emergency service,border patrol,pipeline inspection,power grid inspection,environmental patrol and so on.