Company: Beijing Lizheng Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: other
Products info: “Hidden Shield”、“Sentinel”、“Sharp Sword”、“Sky Shield” and “Eagle Eye”
Booth Number: 2C167
Contact address:
company phone: 010-62996528
Company Introduction:
Lizheng Technology was founded in 2018, located in Dongsheng
International Science Park, Zhongguancun, Haidian district, Beijing. It is the creator of CRPC (Cognitive Radio Protocol Cracking)technology and the leader of RFML (Radio Frequency Machine Learning) technology in China. Is a high-tech company focusing on low-altitude UAV prevention and control technology research.
The company has been awarded national high-tech Enterprise,
Beijing Specialized new Enterprise, Zhongguancun Gazelle Enterprise,council member of The Public Security Military-civilian Integration Center, and Council member of Zhongguancun Joint Innovation Military-civilian Integration Equipment Industry Alliance, etc.
At present, the company owns more than 20 types of self-developed products in the field of UAV countermeasures in the five systems of ”Hidden Shield\", ”Sentinel\", ”Sharp Sword\", \"Sky Shield\" and \"Eagle Eye\", which have been deeply applied in a wide range of industries such as military industry, border defense, civil air defense, judicial public security, energy, airport railway, water conservancy port and major security places.