Company: Hefei Kuxin Microelectronics Limited
Range Category: UAV,other
Products info:chip for video transmission,industry and consumer drone solutions
Booth Number: 2A01
Contact address: 6/F,Tower 9,308 Songhu Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
company phone: 021-61422387
Company Introduction:
Hefei Kuxin Microelectronics Limited was established in July 2011 and is committed to becoming the global leading company of fabless semiconductors. Based on the three core technologies of intelligent perception, intelligent computing and intelligent transmission, Kuxin provides high-performance and low-power semiconductor products and related tool chain solutions, dedicated to artificial intelligence through independent research and development of chip core architecture and core IP. Our products are mainly applied to intelligent security, intelligent hardware, intelligent vehicle and other fields. Kuxin's solutions for aerial drone market help China's civilian drone companies take the global lead.