Company: Guangdong Zilink Aero Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
Products info:Gasoline-electric hybrid systems And Gasoline-electric hybrid UAVs
Booth Number: 2C21
Contact address: Floor1,Building 1,No. 49,Lile East 2nd Road,Jianghai District,Jiangmen,Guangdong Province
company phone: 0750-3169111
Company Introduction:
 Guangdong Zilink Aero Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in May 2021 and is located in Jianghai District, Jiangmen City. ZiLinkAero focuses on the research, development, production and sales of fuel-electric hybrid UAVs and their power systems, including high-power-to-weight ratio EFI two-stroke engines, high-power aviation extenders, large-capacity long-endurance multi-rotor UAVs, etc, which are applicable to large-load plant protection and flight defense, emergency search and rescue, forest fire fighting, island logistics and transportation, mountain lifting transportation, plateau material transportation, winter heavy snow road sealing material transportation and other scenarios.
 As a high-tech company providing solutions for the fuel-electric hybrid industrial UAV industry, ZiLinkAero has gathered technical experts and talents in the fields of engine, generator, UAV, machinery manufacturing, electronic software and hardware, and has applied for a number of invention patents and utility model patents.