Company: Leishen Intelligent System Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories,other
Products info:LiDAR & 3D Modeling System based on LiDAR
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company phone: +86-755-23242821
Company Introduction:
Founded in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. is a global leading provider in LiDAR and application solutions, offering stable and reliable LiDAR sensing techniques to upgrade industries.
Our core technology patents and 2 automation workshop plants (ISO9001:2015 Certified) in China create the satisfying performance, attractive price and stable leadtime for cutting edge of LiDAR industries, such as Automotive, Mapping, Security, Smart Traffic, Robot, AGV, Industrial Automation, Port Automation and the like. All products meet the standards of IEC60825-1:2014(eyes safe),CE & FDA regulations applicable in LiDAR Industry. We are currently delivering LiDAR and its solutions to more than 1000 clients worldwide.