Company: Tianchang Starship Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
Products info:Six rotor UAV、High Efficiency Folding Prop、Ducted Circle
Booth Number: 2E41
Contact address: No.836,thousand autumn Avenue,Tiangchang Economic Development Zone,Chuzhou,Anhui
company phone: 05507859991
Company Introduction:
Tianchang Starship Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise which integrates the development and production of new composite materials.Our company is located in Tianchang Economic Development Zone, Anhui province. It has 4000 square meter standard plant and more than 20 thousand square meter independent factory.We provide the development and manufacture of carbon fiber composite products in the fields of unmanned aerial vehicles, automobile manufacturing, sports equipment and other fields.
Manufacturing technique: Our company\\\'s operation and production related equipment are very complete. The production involves carbon fiber prepreg molding, carbon fiber prepreg, air compression molding, vacuum molding and vacuum bag molding. And in continuous exploration and research, we independently developed a new composite thermal expansion molding process, and achieved significant breakthroughs in the field of production technology.
Culture: Tianchang starship Aeronautical technology Co. Ltd. think “improve beyond the self, with innovative change of life”as the mission, obedience to the values of “integrity, innovation, quality, honesty, cooperation, happy\\\",we devote ourselves to making more contributions to China\\\'s aviation and aerospace industry.
Technical backstopping: Our company\\\'s technology depends on Microaircraft research center of NUAA and have established cooperative relationship with BUAA and Shenyang Aerospace University.Therefore we have abundant technical support and reserve of talents.