Company: Yuniverse aviation Technology (Shanghai) Co. , Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Yunux-lon120:6-axis multi-rotor industrial-grade integrated platform with pure electric system;Matched with high performance batteries can achieve 120 min super-long endurance.It can carry 8kg load to meet diversified load requirements, including visible light video load, thermal infrared video load
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company phone: 13524656330
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Company Introduction:
Yuniverse Aviation is a world-leading aviation big data application platform company that generates real-time maps via the world’s first independent R&D millimeter-level distributed computing AI map engine by capturing data using self-developed drone hardware. This innovative technology empowers various fields by applying the maps at a low cost, including but not limited to smart cities, military, agriculture, cities, environment, commerce, and unmanned driving. Yuniverse Aviation has broken multiple industry records. Its multi-rotor drones have superior performance with a max battery life of 120 minutes and 1 minute of map generating.