Company: Beijing CyberComm Information Technology Ltd
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:All-in-One data link radio Automatic tracking antenna
Booth Number: 2T26
Contact address: Beiqing Creative Park,Life Science Park, ChangPing District,Beijing
company phone: 010-56545002
Company Introduction:
Beijing CyberComm Information Technology Ltd was founded in March 2011, located in Life Science Park, Changping District, Beijing, specializing in communication and computer system hardware and software development, system integration.
The company specializes in the research, production and sales of Infofly® series video, data transmission, remote control integrated data link products, providing highly reliable communication connections for industrial unmanned systems within a range of 200 kilometers.
Infofly series data link products adopt unique link enhancement technology, strong anti-interference performance, stable signal, rich interface types, excellent electromagnetic compatibility, can improve the stability and reliability of information transmission of unmanned systems in long-distance, maneuverable posture. Support 1080P HD video transmission, video delay within 150ms. The data link product also provides RC interface, RS232, RS422 interface, etc., which can be widely used in unmanned system application scenarios such as high-definition image transmission and real-time data interaction.

Main features:
Operates at 1.4GHz or 2.4GHz Band;
Long operating range up to 200Km;
Air speed up to 10Mbps,down link 6Mbps, up link 800kbps;
Optimized for 1080P HD video, time delay only 150ms;
Link establish /recover time less than 10ms;
Abundant interfaces: IP/ HDMI/SDI/UART/PPM/SBus ;