Company: Shanghai Zhifei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: other
Products info:Drone soccer
Booth Number: 2F77
Contact address: RoomW,180 Shuifeng Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai
company phone: 17502125979
Company Introduction:
Shanghai Zhifei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation enterprise with UAV as the core, mainly engaged in education and training, events and project services. Since its inception, as the organizing committee of the China FIDA uavs, Korean football association of China representative office, aviation science and technology education \\\"dream day plan\\\" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in Shanghai test center, the national youth drones level training authorization centers, AOPA China certification of civilian training institutions and the general aviation enterprise business license units, With the concept of \\\"creating the most efficient and safe flight\\\", the company has served more than 100 enterprises and units in UAV football matches, license training, formation flight performance, flight solutions, youth science education and other aspects.