Company: Dongguan Flyfire Technology CO.,LTD
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:Drone parachute Security system Drone lifebuoy Locator
Booth Number: 2F83
Contact address: Dongguan Flyfire Technology Product Technical Service Center Building C, Songshan Lake Park, Shipai, Dongguan, China
company phone: 0769-8180-0402
Company Introduction:
Flyfire registered and established Harbin Flyfire Technology Co., Ltd. in January 2018, and settled in Songshan Lake Innovation Park, Dongguan, Guangdong in March 2020, and established Dongguan Flyfire Technology Co., Ltd.

Flyfire has always practiced the concept of \"inspiration lights up the future\", committed to the development of passive safety protection schemes for drones, and used passive safety equipment to solve the risk of drone accidents. The supply program includes a complete set of safety systems such as drones, parachutes, airbags, and paddle stoppers.

Since its establishment, the company has created the \"Guardian\", \"Manti\" series, and the Owl system for the safety of drones, effectively reducing human and machine injuries in the accident state of drones. So far, it has saved There were more than 1,400 sorties in flight accidents.

Flyfire has always been down-to-earth to practice the dream of creating an era of safe flight. Its products have been widely recognized by customers and have conducted in-depth cooperation and customization with many drone manufacturers.