Company: Dongguan Flyfire Technology CO.,LTD
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:Drone parachute Security system Drone buoy Locator
Booth Number: 2F83
Contact address: Dongguan Flyfire Technology Product Technical Service Center Building C, Songshan Lake Park, Shipai, Dongguan, China
company phone: 0769-8180-0402
Company Introduction:
Flyfire Technology was officially registered and established [Harbin Flyfire Technology Co., Ltd.] in January, 2018. 
In March, 2020, it settled in Songshanhu Innovation Park Dongguan, Guangdong, and established Dongguan Flyfire Technology Co., Ltd.
Flyfire Technology focuses on the Research and Development of  UAV safety systems. 
With the goal of "creating a safe flight era", the company is committed to providing partners with the most reliable UAV protection equipment and eliminating risks for UAV applications.
The passive safety scheme of  Flyfire Technology , through parachutes, airbags, emergency power cuts and others, greatly reduces the injury and loss of UAV after accidents.
Flyfire Technology hopes to work with global partners and give them accumulation and advantages, provide partners with the most reliable UAV safe flight plan and create a safe flight era.