Company: Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:Limbach aircraft and UAV engine
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Contact address: 882-1 Lianting Road, Xiang\'an Industrial Zone, Xiamen Torch High tech Zone, Fujian, China
company phone: 0592-5383056
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Company Introduction:
Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co.,Ltd adopts the Germany Limbach\'s state of the art technologies for producing engines, establishing two-stroke engine production line and advanced electric eddy current dynamometer lab in Xiamen to meet the increasing demand for high-performance UAV and general aviation engines in domestic market.Limbach Flugmotoren,which was first found in 1970 in Germany and headquartered in Königswinter is a globally recognized engine manufacturer.The name LIMBACH has been firmly associated with aviation since 1970.Thousands of LIMBACH aircraft engines are in use worldwide and have completed millions of flying hours.LIMBACH aircraft engines are specially designed for UAV and general aviation purpose,accordingly,you have the choice from the 2-stroke to the electronically controlled and turbocharged 4-stroke engines. with the power coverage 16~118kw,You will certainly find the suitable power plant.We are also happy to advise which engine is the correct one for you.