Company: Zhongshan jueshimei plastic products Co., Ltd
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:防水箱 防爆箱 安全箱 防护箱 仪器箱 面板箱 勘察箱 侦查箱 作业箱 指挥箱 控制箱 通信箱 弹药箱 枪械箱 密封潜水箱 收纳箱 物资箱 周转运输箱 装备箱 设备箱 执勤箱 执法箱 政治工作箱 无人机反制箱 无线屏蔽箱 4G无线监控箱 海陆空反恐野战箱
Booth Number: 2C45
Contact address: 45 middle Industrial Avenue, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City and jueshimei
company phone: 18022068091
Homepage: http://
Company Introduction:
Zhongshan Jue Shimei plastic products Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of toolbox design, R & D, mold opening, production, sales and integrated solutions. Jue Shimei has been focusing on providing customized differentiated products to high-end customers. The main products of the company are: military special equipment box, ABS safety protection box, engineering PP waterproof box, pull rod toolbox and portable PP box. Jue Shimei\\\'s latest product applications (home appliance cleaning equipment box,