Company: Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:Commercial Drone Battery Private/Hobbyist Drone Battery Special Power Supply
Booth Number: 2D83
Contact address:
company phone: 0752-2322529
Company Introduction:
Founded in 2001, Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on R&D and produces Li-polymer batteries and now having 43 patents; Fullymax has about 1,100 employees and 20,000m² plant area, with production capacity of Winding cell 200Kpcs/day and Stacking cell 80Kpcs/day.
Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd has a professional R&D team about 120 people. At present, we hold 43 industrial technology-related invention patents and practical patents , in addition, with the technical support from Japanese and American technical teams, we have grasped the critical core technology about positive, negative material and electrolyte in the fields of LCO, NCM, LFP etc. We are in the industrial leading level in high power discharge application and high energy-density application fields.
Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd focuses on R&D high discharge rate lithium polymer batteries, with the products widely used in manned aerial vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle, RC model& toy, E-cigarette, jump starter, start-stop battery, blue-tooth, cosmetics, POS machine,3C digital product, special industry (as ultra-low temperature, military, medical equipment, etc.) and other application fields.
Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd has professional BMS team and PACK production capability, and is dedicated to provide one-station power solutions, looking forward to having long cooperation with customers, and co-working to develop a continuous development of green environmental protection energy industry.