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Company Introduction:
Was founded in 2014, shenzhen tong intelligent aviation technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the \\\\\\\"word smart\\\\\\\") always adhere to the customer as the center, with \\\\\\\"performance excellence, never-ending\\\\\\\" for the concept, focused on the research of the key core technology, is committed to provide air exploration breakthrough solution. The first-class international technical team, in order to \\\\\\\"exceed customer expectations\\\\\\\" as the standard, the practice of research and development of \\\\\\\"every detail is perfect\\\\\\\" attitude, excellence, constantly breakthroughs, create real and lasting value for our customers.

In 2015, Mr Tong intelligent released the first generation of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) X - STAR, superior quality makes general intelligence in overseas markets quickly accumulated a good reputation. In 2020, the intelligence official return to the domestic market, with the birth of the EVO II series, general intelligence will keep folding unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) towards a new height, quality makes the folding of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology.

Released in September 2020, Mr Tong smart new arowana industry unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the rotor wing tip of independent innovation design, the effective fusion more takeoff and landing flexible rotor and fixed wing dual advantages of long life, good for all air intelligence operations. Also add new members at the same time, the EVO II family EVO II RTK series, will take the lead in folding unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) combined with RTK module, at the same time of lightweight portable operation realize cm-level positioning capabilities, for air intelligence operations provide a higher accuracy, more portable, more comprehensive solution.