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As the leader of the global pan low altitude intelligent networking system, big wing aviation integrates the Internet of things, Internet and industry data information with its rich development experience in UAV SDK and GIS system to build a data management platform for UAV users and manufacturers. After years of development and accumulation, big wing aviation provides customers with competitive, safe and reliable software and hardware products and services in the fields of UAV equipment, cloud management system, pilot training, aerial mapping, etc. combined with diversified visualization solutions, it flexibly meets the pursuit of high efficiency, differentiation and innovation of users in government and enterprise industries, and forms the UAV as the core \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Soft, hard, training, service\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" complete industrial chain development mode.The kite line independently developed by big wing aviation realizes the unification of four elements: drone, flyer, result, airspace and dfrp. It is the real UAV flight resource planning system in the industry. Dayi aviation is a high-tech enterprise and dual soft enterprise in Jiangsu Province. As of April 2022, it has obtained 3 utility model patents, 16 software copyrights and 1 invention patent. Kite line obtained the second level information system security level protection record certification. Dayi aviation is the emergency communication linkage unit of Jiangsu fire rescue corps, the science and technology service station of Jiangsu remote sensing and geographic information society, the first member of Dajiang emergency rescue alliance, the authorized service provider and system integrator of Dajiang industrial application, and carries out in-depth cooperation with local public security, fire protection, environmental protection, urban management, flood control and drought relief departments and scientific research institutions. In addition to commercial activities, the company also actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility, and has successively undertaken the guarantee tasks of fire rescue, flood fighting and emergency rescue, fugitive search, live broadcast of major events, etc.
In the future, big wing aviation will adhere to the tenet of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"openness, focus and service\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", refine the practical needs of the industry, closely follow the direction of cutting-edge technology, promote the deep integration of UAV with 5g, AI visual recognition, GIS, Internet of things and other fields, and deepen the application of UAV in various vertical scenes. Adhering to the concept of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"enabling partners, win-win cooperation\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", relying on its own resources and technical advantages, we export mature hardware and software and industry application solutions of Dayi. It empowers industry UAV production organization, use organization, service organization and supervision organization.Actively promote the research and development of intelligent unmanned systems, provide data access and data integration for unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, underwater robots, etc., and realize the corporate vision of \\\\\\\"becoming the industry\\\\\\\'s leading unmanned system data platform and creating higher value for customers\\\\\\\".Main Exhibit:KITEBEAM