Company: HONPHO
Range Category: other
Products info:spherical photoelectric pod for UAVs
Booth Number: 2B61
Contact address: 3F Area B,Building 3,jingrong lntl.plaza,5th Tianfu St.NO.200,Hi-tech District,Chengdu
company phone: 02883139288
Company Introduction:
Chengdu Honpho Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March,2018 to better realize the promotion and application of advanced technologies for both military and civilian use.It is an innovative high-tech company with a core team that masters the key technologies of photoelectric imaging and detection, focusing on the R&D, production and service of high-end photoelectric systems.
Honpho's main product is spherical photoelectric pod, which is widely used in various types of aerostats, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and low-speed fixed-wing aircraft. It is an essential airborne photoelectric equipment for intelligence collection, reconnaissance, and fire strike. In particular, it is a must-have core load for fighting drones and armed helicopters. In addition, the photoelectric pod can also be applied to platforms such as ships and vehicles through technology transplantation or directly applied to ships, vehicles and other products.