Company: Beijing Cloud-Access Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Qiyun solar UAV, Qiyun quadrotor
Booth Number: 2T03
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company phone: 15910978105
Company Introduction:
Qiyun solar UAV, Qiyun quadrotor UAV design:

1. UAV platform solution

(Design + optimization + prototype)

2. Structure design and optimization of UAV

3. UAV aerodynamic shape design and optimization

4. Propeller customization optimization solution

(Design + optimization + manufacturing)

Simulation service

1. Finite element simulation and optimization of UAV aerodynamic shape and layout

(genetic algorithm optimization)

2. Propeller blade design and finite element simulation and optimization

(genetic algorithm optimization)

3. Structural finite element simulation analysis

(metals, composites, others)“