Company: Baicells Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Tethered drone UAV
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company phone: 010 6260 7100
Company Introduction:
SkyCells is the UAV brand of Beijing Baicells Technology Co., Ltd., and its products cover three major directions: tethered UAV series, battery-based long-endurance UAV series and third-party tethered series. Relying on Bai Caibang’s rich communication experience, we creatively combine drones with 4G/5G base stations to provide the industry’s first drone high-altitude emergency communication support solution, and become the only one serving China Mobile and China at the same time. Telecom UAV high-altitude emergency communication base station centralized procurement project company.
SkyCells series products are widely used in telecom operators, national scientific research institutes, public security and armed police, emergency fire protection and other fields. Participated in and undertook communication guarantee tasks in emergency rescue and disaster relief for many times: Sichuan Liangshan forest fire emergency communication guarantee, Sichuan Yibin earthquake emergency communication guarantee, Shanxi Qinyuan forest fire scene emergency communication guarantee, Jiangsu Province emergency flood control communication guarantee, etc., which are disaster-affected areas And provide 24-hour uninterrupted communication guarantee along the way, which is well received and recognized by users and leaders.
SkyCells is committed to diversified development, constantly enriching product lines and industry applications. On the basis of high-altitude emergency communication guarantee, many valuable solutions such as high-altitude surveillance security live broadcast, high-altitude emergency lighting, third-party tethered platforms, and 5G networked drones have been brought to the industry. SkyCells will take customer needs as the direction, technological innovation as the driving force, pay attention to the spirit of craftsmanship, and constantly polish product quality and stability, and work together with customers and partners to win the future!