Company: Shenzhen Mingyang Ages Electronic Co., Ltd.
Range Category: other
Products info:Servo photoelectric tracking system, radar linked photoelectric turntable, shipborne PTZ, vehicle mounted PTZ
Booth Number: 2E32
Contact address:
company phone: 0755-83723060
Company Introduction:
The company is positioned as a high-end intelligent equipment R & D manufacturer, focusing on PTZ stepping motor control drive system, high-precision servo motor control system, photoelectric turntable gyroscope image stabilization system, visible light thermal imaging dual spectral radar linkage system, long focal distance laser thermal imaging night vision system, automatic target tracking system, conference recording and broadcasting control keyboard, security network keyboard, 4G / 5G non-interference Line video transmission system, 4G / 5G dual spectrum control ball and other products. The company is positioned as an OEM / ODM manufacturer, which can deeply customize and develop the appearance, structure, transmission system, hardware and software of high-end PTZ, as well as network control keyboard, 485 control keyboard and serial control keyboard