Company: Hangzhou Rongmeng Smart Technology Co., Ltd.
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Products info:Dream Glass 4K AR Smart Glasses
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company phone: 4000618168
Company Introduction:
Dream Glass was founded in Silicon Valley during 2016 by a group of AR enthusiasts who have had over 20 years of optics and computer vision experiences. Believing in the value of \\\"Tech for People\\\", Dream Glass strives to deliver the most cutting-edge yet affordable Augmented Reality technology to everyone.

Dream Glass 4K is a plug & play AR glasses with 90-degree FOV and 4K resolution which shows a 200\\\" AR screen for all contents, from your smartphone/tablet, game consoles, PC & Mac, drones, and more. It frees up your hands, immerses your eye in 3D and shows everything in private, together with surrounding safety awareness. Everything you dreamed of, we offer something even better. Take Dream Glass on the go and interact intuitively with the virtual world anytime and anywhere you like.

For professional needs, Dream Glass 4K Plus and Dream Glass Developer Kit can provide an immersive but not isolated AR experience for you like never before. Dream Glass Plus has all the functions of the regular 4K Version. With upgraded ram, ample storage, and extra USB port for accessories, you can connect recording RGB camera, hand gesture cameras (such as Leap Motion), or 6DOF tracking set to it, to bring AR Magic to your project. We have been working with partners from Education, Gaming, Healthcare, and many other industries.