Company: Zhuhai Xuanji Sci-Tech Company Ltd
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Heng-029 UAV adopts the configuration design of coaxial twin propeller UAV, which is small and easy to carry. Heng-100 UAV adopts modular design, and the whole machine can be disassembled and assembled in blocks, which can Heng-300 UAV, with a take-off weight of 3kg, can carry a variety of special
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company phone: 15001010430
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Company Introduction:
Founded in June, 2018, Zhuhai Xuanji Sci-Tech Company Limited manufactures small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Based on the most advanced technologies that have been applied in twin-rotor helicopters,our samll UAVs are most competitive in their long range,low noise,low rotating speed and portability.
Our UAVs provide special applications and solutions to a wide range of users, from the military, police force to the general pubic.
We have reached a very high level of research and development and our strategic planning and R & D teams include experts and specialists covering areas such as aviation,avionics,software and hardware development,electric motors and visual recognition. Most of our researchers and engineers have master\'s or PhD degrees.
The core of our R & D team has been involved in and contributed to many important UAV development projects sponsored by the government and its various departments. Many of them used to be leading figures when they worked on their various military and space projects.