Company: Shanghai Terjin Radio Technology Co., Ltd.
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Products info:Terjin-TDOA Anti-Drone System
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company phone: +86-021-68555587
Company Introduction:
Shanghai Terjin Radio Technology Company was founded in 2003. Ever since, we focus nothing but on the research, development, and manufacture of radio surveillance, reconnaissance, and countermeasure system, for various applications. Terjin received Global SME Award at ITU Telecom World 2017 for most innovative use of ICTs.

We are the No.1 Anti-Drone System manufacturer in China, winning almost all high-stake projects, including The Alibaba Global HQ (2019), World Military Games (Wuhan, 2019), and G20 (Hangzhou, 2016).

Our patented TDOA (Time-Difference-of-Arrival) based Anti-Drone System provides Detection-Geolocation-Countermeasure All-in-One multi-tier drone defense strategy.
Our mission is to become the world’s most respected technology company in Low-altitude Airspace Surveillance and Defense industry, protecting customers’ strategic assets, assuring public safety, while facilitating the use of low-altitude airspace in the coming era of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for human good.

We fulfill this mission by leveraging our deep technical expertise, keeping customers in our heart, and living a culture of high quality standard at aviation industry level.

Our founder Mr. Jiang Huajing worked for aviation industry and a German company for years before founding TERJIN. Quality and service have been at our bottom of heart, and always are.