Company: Shanxi Develop Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
Products info:Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)、The Airborne Equipment、Mapping Software、3 D Platform
Booth Number: 2A49
Contact address:
company phone: 15110602121
Company Introduction:
DOP Technology was established in October 2005, after years of development, has been formed in Shanxi data center, Beijing operations center, r&d center, manufacturing center in Shenzhen, Zhejiang province, from companies including Beijing Develop Technology CO., LTD., Zhejiang Develop Geographic Information Technology CO., LTD., Shenzhen Develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (uav) CO., LTD, Hebei Develop Information Technology CO., LTD., Inner Mongolia branch, Xinjiang branch, Fuzhou branch, Chengdu branch of national group layout, and formed a business as the leading, technology as the main body, management basis, quality as guarantee, service as the core of the organic whole.