Company: Anhui Xoar Aero Tech. Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories,other
Products info:Propellers for General Aviation
Booth Number: 2E47
Contact address: No.99, Weisan Road, Xinwu Economic Development Zone, Wuhu County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province
company phone: +86-553-8818448
Homepage: N/A
Company Introduction:
Anhui Xoar AerTech Ltd., formerly known as Zhengzhou Jinxuanfeng Sports Equipment Corp, specializes in R&D, Production and Services of Aerial Propeller and propulsion system. Anhui Xoar AeroTech Ltd. Was established by a group of national coaches with decades of experiences in aviation sports, top athletes in model airplane and aviation engineers. The corporation maintains a group of professional consultants from well-known research centers. Our management team and staffs coordinate seamlessly to provide you with a precise, responsive and passionate customer experience.

With our expertise in R&D, precision manufacturing and relentless QC process, Xoar has created numerous award-winning products for mission-critical projects. Over the years, Xoar has broadened the specific production lines tailored to each UAV, Powered Paraglider, Ultralight Aircraft, Multi-rotor, industrial and general RC Market segments. In 2017, we invested and expanded our facility to a 60 acres campus at Anhui Wuhu Xinwu Development Zone in order to support the growth of the general aviation sector with advance production line and aerodynamic testing lab.

Anhui Xoar AeroTech Ltd was granted with ISO and GJB9001 Certification in 2008. Our product was the appointed propeller for the drone team for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

Anhui Xoar AeroTech Ltd also has an U.S. based Global Sales and Marketing subsidiary, Xoar International. Through years of efforts, our brands JXF and XOAR have well entrenched in the market place of over 74 countries world-wide.

We will continue to innovate and advance our services and products in global aviation industry.