Company: Shenzhen Kechuang Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:VTOL fixed wing UAV, multi rotor UAV, UAV control system
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company phone: +86-755-27782572
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Kechuang Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd. (KCFLY) is a manufacturer of professional drone, which is one of the top integrated drone system solution providers in China. Our product R&D concept is \\\"R&D based on applications and Improve according to users\\\". Our drone is unique for control transmission, image transmission and payload communication transmission in it are combined as one. We have developed special drones for a public security investigation and attack, environmental protection water sampling drone, environmental protection air monitoring and sampling . Our professinal drones, drone controling vehicles and police-weared cameras have been widely used in the national public security, fire control, environmental protection, water affairs, land, forestry, emergency and other fields.

In March 2019, \\\"Kechuang Aeronautical Technology (Zhangjiajie) Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by Shenzhen Kechuang Aeronautical Technology Co., Ltd. (KCFLY) and Zhangjiajie Yuchen Technology Co., Ltd. , which will integrate the technical advantages of KCFLY for many years with local hardware and facilities advatage of Zhangjiajie Yuchen Technology Co., Ltd.

The company has passed \\\"Fixed-wing drone Inspection\\\" and \\\"Multi-rotor drone Inspection \\\" by \\\"Ministry of Public Security\\\" in China and obtained dozens of patents of \\\"Drone Military Operation System\\\", \\\"drone Intelligent Operation Platform\\\", \\\"Appearance Design\\\", \\\"Utility Model Design\\\".

KCFLY is the designated supplier of fixed-wing drones and multi-rotor drones to the Ministry of Public Security in China and the approved supplier of cloud platforms for government procurement in China.

Based on the national strategy of \\\"innovation-driven development\\\", KCFLY adheres to the principle of \\\"jointly building the Chinese dream——realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation\\\".