Company: Ev-peak Electronic Technology(HK) Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:Balance Charge First Charge Power Supply
Booth Number: 2E35
Contact address: 3-4F,BLK AoHua Industrial District Huarong Road 148 Dalang,Longhua;
company phone: +86-755-29177881
Company Introduction:
We Transform Opportunity Into Reality Through Research, Evaluation, Innovation And Design. Effective Branding + User-centered product design + practical engineering = Winning Products.
Intelligent Charging System
Intelligent balance charging management system, applicable to RC hobbies, power tool, airsoft gun, robots, medical equipment, drones for aerial photography, surveying, pesticide spraying and fire-fighting, etc.
Battery Management System
Battery management system, applicable to the electronic vehicle, sweeping robot, drones, energy storage device, etc.
Power Supply
High-efficiency high rate power supply, applicable to drones, outdoor sports, portable emergency power unit, etc.