Company: Hydrogen Craft Corporation Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Hydrocopter-04 adopts Distributed Fuel Cells (DFC) technology, which allows two 1.7kw fuel cell to provide 3.4kw total rated power. With an improved power density close to 700w/kg, this 29kg MTOW drone can carry 9kg maximum payload, or 33% maximum payload ratio.
Booth Number: 2B37
Contact address: 28 Dingsheng Road, Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
company phone: 0571-88549275
Company Introduction:
Hydrogen Crafts Corp. Ltd. is a company dedicated in fuel cell development and its application on aircrafts.
The PEM fuel cell we build is an ideal power source for small to mid-size aircrafts. The superior power density and energy density, 4-6 times over Lithium battery, significantly extends the flight time of aircrafts. The fuel cell powered copters we build can fly 6 times longer than lithium battery powered ones. The breakthrough of flight time bottleneck made it an excellent industrial drone for high value applications.
Our team consists of experts from diversified backgrounds, fuel cell engineers, chemists, aircraft designers, and skilled workers. The collaboration between diversities expedited our research and experiments. The experiences we accumulated in fuel cell powered drones put us in the leading position in this new industry.
Our product line includes fuel cells, BMS, fuel cell drones (as aerial platform for OEM partners), and customized drone applications (FC drone and mission payloads integration for end users). We also provide drones services to clients if they prefer to by service only.