Company: Skysys Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co,. Ltd.
Range Category: UAV accessories,other
Products info:Drone-enabling Systems:UltraHive® Mk4 Pro UAV Hangar,UltraPad,SkyScout® UAV Operating System,SkyScout® UAV Operating System
Booth Number: 2C67
Contact address: Unit 4-b604, creative industrial park, No. 328, Xinghu street, Suzhou Industrial Park
company phone: 0512-87816318
Company Introduction:
Focusing on enabling drones, SKYSYS provides UAVs station hardware and cloud-based software to industrial users and business partners. By enabling drones to be charged automatically, controlled automatically, flied automatically, collected information automatically and analyzed it automatically, SKYSYS makes a drone to be a real unmanned system. In 2018, SKYSYS won the national first prize of the 5G Application Contest.

Skysys possesses 15 years of industrial data acquisition and analysis experience and used to offer systematic wireless sensing solution for many famous enterprises. Our team includes experts from flight controlling, embedded systems, big data, visual recognition and AI. Skysys owns multiple core patents on contact charging, machine vision, dispatch algorithm and data analysis.
So far, SKYSYS has achieved application scenarios in urban management, emergency attendance, power industry, photovoltaic industry, water affairs and public securities, etc. SKYSYS believes there will be infinite possibility in more various industries.