Company: Zhuhai SV Tech Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Tether Drones, Automatic Winch Boxes, High Voltage Motors and Esc
Booth Number: 2D73
Contact address: No.35,Jinzhou Road, Jinding,Xiangzhou District,Zhuhai , Guangdong Province, China
company phone: +86-756-3620756
Company Introduction:
Established in May 2013, Zhuhai SV Tech Co. Ltd. has ISO 9001:2015 and GB/T 29490-2013 systems. We design and manufacture industrial drones, robots and brushless motors. we have accumulated rich technical experience in industrial drones and high-voltage brushless motors. Our major products are SV-TS1, SV-T10 drones, SV-EDR and SV-FFR robots. We enjoy a good reputation in China and abroad.

We have 8 core patents in our 24-hour high-voltage tethered drones: the high-voltage power system, the co-axial motor system, the automatic winch system, the automatic following system, the ground workstation system, the quick switch system of the tethered drone, the airborne rescue system and the switch system between RC and CC traction. Our tethered drones are widely applied in reconnaissance, communication, inspection, broadcasting, fire rescue and disaster relief.

We have initiated the 500V high-voltage motors in China. The new high-voltage system eliminates the voltage modules. The tether directly supplies power to the motors with high voltage and low current. The efficiency of each power system is improved, and the drone weight is greatly reduced. This is a revolutionary technology.