Company: Hunan Yihang UAV Technology Co.,LTD.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
Products info:Ground Station and UAV
Booth Number: 2D81
Contact address: East side,Room 3,Floor 4,Building C5,Gold Innovation Park,Wangcheng Economic&Technical Decelopment Zone,Hunan Province
company phone: +86-731-88360802
Homepage: www,
Company Introduction:
Hunan Yihang UAV Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on industrial UAV,unmanned intelligent equipment research and development,production an application.The company is committed to become a talent aggregation and technology lead in the field of unmanned control.For industrial unmanned aerial vehicles,industrial robots,unmanned ships to provide overall solution,the company`s products applied to power,film and television aerial photography,agriculture,surveying and mapping,anti-terrorism and riot,emergency rescue,personnel search and rescue and other fields.