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Company Introduction:
“National Center for International Collaboration Research on Precision Agricultural Aviation Pesticide Spraying Technology” is the national research center identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The center focuses on aerial plant protection for typical food crops and economic crops, and jointly carry out innovation research on key technology and common issues for agricultural aviation remote sensing, precision aerial variable spraying and other related technologies and equipment with the USDA ARS Aerial Application Technology Research Unit (USDA-ARS-AATRU), the Center of Pesticide Application and Safety, the University of Queensland, Australia, and other world-class research institutions in advanced agricultural aviation application technologies in order to promote the development of precision agricultural aviation technology.
The leader and the principal scientist of the center is Professor Yubin Lan, who is the “Thousand Talents Plan” Scholar, and the chair of CIGR Precision Aerial Application Working Group. The center is equipped with eight specialized laboratories of agricultural aviation application technologies, including Agriculture Airborne Remote Sensing Laboratory, Agricultural Aerial Work Platforms Research Laboratory, Agriculture Aerial Spraying Research Laboratory, Agricultural Aviation Testing Technology Laboratory, Agricultural Aerial Spraying Efficacy Evaluation Laboratory, Agricultural Aviation Sensor Development Laboratory, Agricultural Aviation Big Data Laboratory, and Agricultural Aviation Industry-Education-Research Cooperation Laboratory.
The research team of the center is composed of more than 50 faculty members plus over 60 MS/PhD students from agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, communications, mechanics, computer engineering, plant protection and other various disciplines.
The research platforms of the center also include “International Laboratory of Agricultural Aviation Pesticide Spraying Technology” and “Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Agricultural Aviation Application”.