Company: Guangzhou XAIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:V40、P80,R150
Booth Number: 2E61
Contact address: BLOCK C, 115 GAOPU RD, GUANGZHOU, CHINA
company phone: 020-39218499
Company Introduction:
XAG was established in 2007, by building UAVs called XAIRCRAFT. It is now the largest drone service provider, one of the world’s leading industrial UAS manufacturer and top rated agricultural technology company. We specialise in providing intelligent UAS solutions for applications in agriculture, geomatics and low altitude logistics.
Our main products include: P Series Plant Protection UAS, C Series Intelligent Surveying UAS, IoT Field Monitor, SUPERX Series Flight Control System, GNSS RTK Positioning and Navigation System, XPLANET ® Agricultural Services, XGEOMATICS ® Geospatial Services, etc.
XAG employs more than 1,400 top talents in UAS Research & Development, manufacturing and applications, we also participates in multiple international research projects on agricultural
automation locally and internationally. Our operations and services cover 29 different provinces in China, and 11 different countries around the world such as Japan, Korea and Australia.