Company: CSPAT(Chinese-science Smart Power Aviation Technology of Chengdu)
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Long endurance hybrid rotor UAV
Booth Number: 2D47
Contact address: :No.102,9 District,Hao Lang science and technology park, no. 2666, airport 4 road, Shuangliu district, Chengdu, Sichuan
company phone: 18202231314
Company Introduction:
CSPAT(Chinese-science Smart Power Aviation Technology of Chengdu) Company, jointly established by Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Smart Power Aviation Technology of Changsha Company, is an achievement of high-technology industrialization.
CSPAT is mainly engaged in research and development of high-performance hybrid power systems and drones, which can highly promote the energy density from 200W/kg (Lithium battery) to 600~1000W/kg, realizing the significant improvement of overall performance of UAVs.
CSPAT has successively attended Vanguard Wings-Chinese Drone Congress and Exhibition, Xinjiang Province Anti-terrorism Equipment Exhibition, and Xinjiang Province -CAS Technology Fair. With the thchnology roadmap of oil engine driven electric hybrid power, we strove to acquire key technologies, such as light-weight fuel engine, high-efficient and high-power generator, efficient oil-electric transmission, and intelligent hybrid power control system, and developed oil-electric hybrid power multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle series, such as Smart Eagle-15 and Smart Eagle-30. Its main specifications include: endurance≥2 hours, max flight speed≥15m/s, anti-crosswind disturbance ≥12m/s, flight altitude≥3000m. Those hybrid UAVs has the advantages such as high-performance, low-cost, simple to operate and easy to maintain, and can be rapidly applied and popularized in such fields, involving reconnaissance and surveillance, pipeline patrol, public safety, aerial mapping, agriculture crop protection as well as express logistics business.
We sincerely welcome the public colleagues and users around the world to visit, negotiate and cooperate for a win-win future.