Company: GDU-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Industrial Drones and Payloads
Booth Number: 2C31
Contact address: No.6 Huanglongshan South Road, Donghu Tech District, Wuhan, China
company phone: +86-755-22961366
Company Introduction:
GDU-TECH CO., LTD(hereinafter GDU) produces and sells highly safe, intelligent, full-system long-endurance heavy-duty unmanned helicopter systems,VTOL, industry-grade multi-rotor and other UAVs, and a full range of payloads and ground station systems, besides GDU also provides professional UAV industrial application system This provides solid foundation for its improvement on drone R&D and application. Our vision is, when people are enjoying the fun of flying drones, they also enjoy having drones as their intimate friends.
Our values: with first-class craftsmanship, we serve the society; inspire the life style and pioneer in drone industry.
Our service philosophy: customer experience is always our priority, therefore we will combine “portability” and “open-platform” into the products for brining you more and more possibilities in life.
Our talent philosophy: we respect different characteristics and assist every employee to build up their advantage as well as professional skills.