Company: Shenzhen Yunfan Sinyee Technology Co., Ltd
Range Category: other
Products info:GNS5000 GNSS Simulator, oscilloscope, Electronic tester
Booth Number: 3T17
Contact address:
company phone: 075586677030
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Yunfan Sinyee Technology Co., Ltd is a Comprehensive service company which specializing in instruments and apparatus agency. Founded in 2004, Yunfan Sinyee has become one of the largest instrument distributors, system integrators and comprehensive service providers in China nowadays.
Headquartered in shenzhen Baoan Honghui Industry Park,Yunfan Sinyee has branches in Hong Kong、Shanghai、Xiamen and others, with more than 50 employees. Yunfan Sinyee has a number of technical sales engineers and professional after-sales team, they accumulated a large number of cases and experience these years , to provide customers with rapid, perfect and professional service.
The business line divided into the department of electronic testing instruments, the department of chemical analysis instruments, the department of material analysis instruments, the department of electromagnetic compatibility testing instruments and the department of chip burning equipment.
Yunfang Sinyee has extensive cooperation with LECORY, KEITHLEY, STI, SerialTek, SPECTRO, SANBlaze, TESEQ, SystemGeneral, HERMON Labs, ALBEDOTelecom SL, TAKAYA, etc., which has been committed to providing analytical testing instruments and system integration for the fields of electronic information, education and scientific research, power petrochemical, medicine and health, and metal plastics.