Company: Shenzhen Zhonganxie Technology Co.,Ltd
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Products info:Walk Through Metal Detector, Human Body Temperature Measurement Door, Under Vehicle Security Check System.
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company phone: +86-755-83448858
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Zhonganxie Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as \\\"Zhonganxie\\\", was established in 2011. The product R&D team has nearly 20 years of metal detection security equipment R&D experience, and has senior theoretical attainments in the design and manufacture of metal detection equipment. With rich manufacturing experience, the existing products have reached the world\\\'s advanced technology level. The product has excellent design, top quality materials, fine manufacturer process, excellent performance, high detection sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and stable performance.

In 2019, Shenzhen Zhonganxie Technology Co., Ltd., holding Heyuan Zhonganxie Technology Co., Ltd., was established in Heyuan City and settled in Jinpeng Science and Technology Park in Yuancheng District. The plant area was expanded by 13,000 square meters, and a number of automated production lines were independently developed, which greatly improved the daily output, reaching 300 sets walk through metal detector!

Independent research and development of automated production lines: The automated production line was officially put into use in July 2020, and the production efficiency has been continuously increasing!

The company strictly complies with the requirements of ISO9001 international quality standard system and has established a rigorous quality management system in the entire process from product development and design, production and manufacturing to sales and after-sales service. So that all things that may affect product quality, work quality, and service quality, are under strict control to ensure that every customer is provided with high-quality products and perfect services.

Patent certificates: No. 2801038, No. 2798726, No. 3844301, No. 3845936, No. 2801030... and dozens of patent certificates.

Zhonganxie mainly develops and produces: public safety inspection equipment, anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment. Main products include: walk through metal detector, infrared temperature detection door, under vehicle scanning system, vehicle bottom visual search, dangerous liquid detector, hand held metal Detector, needle detector, food and drug foreign body detector, luggage security inspection machine (X-ray machine), etc.

In 2020, Zhonganxie is identified as a key enterprise for national epidemic prevention and control by national five ministries and commissions. The infrared body temperature detection door and other equipment can help security checkers and medical staff improve the efficiency of epidemic detection and protection, and become an important material for epidemic prevention and control.

Zhonganxie Industry Honor: Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce, Member Unit of Shenzhen Software Industry Association, Director Unit of Shenzhen Security Industry Association.

Zhonganxie products have been widely used in airports, high-speed rails, subways, embassies, military, detention centers, public security organizations, government agencies, customs and docks, sports events, large-scale public events and exhibitions, factories, schools, theft prevention of valuables, etc.

Large-scale use cases: Russia World Cup, Beijing Subway, Shenzhen North Station, Tianjin Subway, Iraq security inspection department, etc.

Zhonganxie series products are exported to more than 183 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, ASEAN, etc., occupying 23% of the global security market. It is one of the best in the security industry, and it takes the lead in all eyes.

Leadership caring: On 27th Mar., 2020, a group of leaders including Tu Gaokun, Director of Industry and Information Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Li Xiangming, Inspector ofIndustry and Information Technology Department of Guangdong Province, and Liu Donghao, Vice Mayor of Heyuan City, visited Zhonganxie for inspection and guidance!

In order to adapt to market development and the needs of all parties, the marketing team of Shenzhen Zhonganxie Technology Co., Ltd. integrates resources from all parties to make scientific decisions for brand planning, market operation, marketing system, and standardized management to ensure the development of security industry is active, efficient and fast.

We sincerely invite people with lofty ideals, and friends together to seek common development and lead the world\\\'s security industry! We sincerely welcome your joining!