Company: Guangdong Ann Shield Security EOD Equipment Group
Range Category: other
Products info:Intelligent AI Multi-View Security Machine Contraband Registration System Temperature Detection Door.
Booth Number: 4C61
Contact address: Second floor,building B,jianhua industrial park,zh
company phone: +86-769-81621780
Company Introduction:
Guangdong Ann Shield Security Eod Equipment Group is the core of the Internet of things security equipment solutions provider, to provide comprehensive security worldwide Internet security wisdom and big data services, Guangdong Ann Metal Shield with X-ray scanning detection of dangerous goods and core technologies such as cloud computing technology, such as large data depth study on minor department relating organs of rail transit and personnel intensive public places, such as logistics, express delivery, many of the industry to provide professional security IOT solutions and data services In addition to security inspection equipment, Guangdong Andun, based on software development and equipment manufacturing experience of security products, extends its business to industrial manufacturing, stability maintenance, emergency rescue and other sustainable development.