Company: Jiangsu Hengtong Terahertz Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: other
Products info:Optical Fibre, Power, Marine And Offshore Cable, EPC Turnkey Service and Maintenance.
Booth Number: 4B71
Contact address:
company phone: +86-512-63800569
Company Introduction:
Hengtong Group is an international organization with a diverse range of expertise covering optical fibre, power, marine and offshore cable, EPC turnkey service and maintenance, as well as internet of things, big data and e-commerce, emerging materials and new energy.

Hengtong is the largest Optical Fibre and Power Cable manufacturer in China, and is ranked in the top 3 world producers of Optical fibre communications products, and we supply approximately 25% of the domestic market volume and 15% of the international market volume. 

Hengtong has 70 wholly-owned companies and holding companies (3 of which are listed on the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Indonesian stock exchanges),with 11 manufacturing facilities based in Europe, South America, South Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. We operate sales offices in over 30 countries and regions around the world, supplying products to over 100 countries.

At the company's heart is a commitment to innovation and social responsibility. Hengtong is steadily transforming to intelligent manufacturing, with the aim of becoming the most advanced cable manufacturer in the world.