Company: Baicells Technologies Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Large Tethered UAV and Small Tethered UAV
Booth Number: 3D57
Contact address:
company phone: 13823749901
Company Introduction:
Baicells (Subsidiary: Bailynx) is a high-tech enterprise providing 4G/5G wireless communication products and end-to-end solutions. The company combines drones with intelligent base stations to provide cross-border innovative solutions. Related products mainly include the tethered UAV system series and the long-endurance UAV series, providing the industry's first UAV high-altitude emergency communication solution, UAV search and rescue solution, and UAV IoT communication solutions, etc.

UAV products have been widely used in National Institutes of science and technology, Operators, Police fire units and other units. We have participated in emergency rescue and disaster relief for many times, such as forest fire rescue in Liangshan, earthquake rescue in Yibin, emergency flood control in Jiangsu Province, etc., and have been recognized and praised by users and relevant leaders.