Company: Shandong Ruitai Zhengqian Intelligent CO., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
Products info:Special Operations Robot, Industrial Intelligent UAV(Fire and Rescue UAV Systems)
Booth Number: 3D23
Contact address: East Gate of suheng logistics park, Binhe New District, Pengji street, Dongping County, Tai\\\\\\\'an City, Shandong Province
company phone: +86-538-3329567
Company Introduction:
Shandong Ruitai Zhengqian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a project company authorized by CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to establish a production base in Shandong Province. It is the only R & D and production base of CITIC Heavy Industry in Shandong Province. The company was registered and established in August 2018, forming a complete scientific research and production system of special robot and UAV industry integrating scientific research, production, sales and service.

Relying on strong technology accumulation, talent reserve and capital strength, the company has entered the UAV market with high profile. He has accumulated rich experience in UAV overall design, power plant, flight control, navigation system, flight test and other fields. At present, a series of products have made market breakthroughs in high-rise building fire protection, power inspection, forest fire prevention, etc.

Since its establishment, relying on the solid foundation and advantageous resources of CITIC Heavy Industry's Kaixin headquarters, giving full play to its institutional advantages, adhering to the high-tech, export-oriented and high-efficiency business development road, the company has made rapid development and enjoys a high reputation in the domestic market.

Representative products: fire fighting robot, fire detection robot, underwater robot; high rise building fire fighting UAV, forest fire fighting UAV and patrol detection UAV, etc.