Company: XC Carbon Fiber (HK)Co., Limited.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Carbon Fiber Plate, Carbon Fiber Tube, Carbon Fiber Products, UAV ,FPV, Drone Frame For Agriculture, Aluminum Parts for Drone
Booth Number: 3B06
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company phone: +86-769-88516671
Company Introduction:
Our Factory specialized in carbon fiber Plate, carbon fiber flexible sheet, carbon fiber art products, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber parts molding products production and sales. Products mainly used in automated equipment support parts , carbon fiber aircraft models, car models, drone,UAV,FPV, carbon fiber art products, carbon fiber parts, machinery shrapnel, sports equipment, surface decoration, electronics, machinery, Aluminum part for Drone.
Carbon fiber (called CF), a New high strength high modulus fiber material which contain more than 95% Carbon . Carbon fiber \\\\\\\"in a velvet glove,\\\\\\\" lighter weight than aluminum, but the intensity was 10 times higher than steel .Carbon fiber’s corrosion resistant, high modulus characteristics is an important materials in the military and civilian defense. It not only has inherent intrinsic characteristic of the carbon material, but also the textile fibers soft work ability, is a new material to replace steel.
Main products: carbon fiber plate, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber glasses, carbon fiber molding products, carbon fiber art products, various types of carbon fiber model parts, musical instruments special carbon fiber material parts , aluminum part for Drone.
We can do variety of carbon fiber products with high demand, high standards.Personalized products CNC cut according to customer’s drawings.We offer forming,grinding,drilling, CNC processing one-stop service. .
We obey \\\\\\\"quality first, service-oriented, reasonable price,\\\\\\\" with high quality, efficient, fast service to establish long-term partnerships with every customers.Continuing to improve our products and services, go further with our clients and reach win-win between us and clients .