Company: Xiamen Hna General Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Professional UAV Training Machine for UAV Application Technology in Vocational Colleges in China.
Booth Number: 3A02
Contact address: Xiamen City, Fujian Province, Jimei District North Station Business Operations Center, No. 484, China Shipping Building
company phone: +86-592-5630711
Company Introduction:
Xiamen China Shipping Group is a joint venture between shipbuilding investment, bio-energy industry, energy and mineral resources, education investment management, school-enterprise cooperation, international study and education, human resources labor dispatch, vocational skills education and high-end industry skills, employment diversificationOne of the integrated enterprise groups. Xiamen China and Hainan Airlines General Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. under the Xiamen China Aviation Group, the company set of domestic UAV technical experts and professional education experts and set up, specializing in including unmanned aerial vehicles and other artificial intelligence technology research and development, production and training education. The company has the "Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association of China (AOPA-China) approved" civil unmanned aerial vehicle driving aircraft system driver training institutions, "the qualifications of the training company. UAV developedIndependent intellectual property rights, has received a number of patents.