Company: Shenzhen Corget Technology Co.,Ltd
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Products info:SMART-PTT Public Network Cluster Interphone System
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Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Corget Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2007.It is a hightech company,which is specialized in researching, manufacturing, and selling IP data products as well as network communication technology products.REAL-PTT trunking intercom system was R&D all by ourselves and wireless communication could be realized through various kinds of networks(LTE\\\\WIMAX\\\\3G\\\\WIFI\\\\CDMA 1x\\\\GPRS). The biggest advantage of our products is that there is no more limit on communication distance at all. As long as there is network covered, our system can realize scheduling. We adopt advanced coding technology and network fault tolerance technology which can work normally in spite of high network packet loss rate.Furthermore,our system can combine GPS and other OA business ,So It can provide multifunctional operation platform.REAL-PTT can realize real-time global intercom,positioning and dispatching functions,etc .
The system function is powerful, easy to use, simple to install and low cost. It can be applied to freight cars, passenger cars, taxis, logistics distribution,tourism industry,highway rescue, emergency command, technical reconnaissance, traffic police department,national security department, city management, prison management, highways, airports, ports, railway freight station , oil, electricity and other industries.
Corget Technology has a professional R & D team and believe \\\"customer succeed, employees achieve, to benefit the mankind\\\".Focus on innovation ,hard work, ,people-oriented and the pursuit of excellence.Corget Technology is in advanced technology, latest products and attentive service for your dedicated service.