Company: Hunan NovaSky Electronic Technology co., ltd.
Range Category: UAV,other
Products info:Covered Apron, Drone Cabin, 1.2m Large Four-Axis Drone, Lightning Protection Radar, Drone, Airborne Search and Rescue Radar.
Booth Number: 4B79
Contact address:
company phone: +86-731-88939908
Company Introduction:
Hunan NovaSky Electronic Technology co., ltd, which was founded in August, 2006, with a registered capital of 55,600,000 CNY and total assets of over 100 million CNY, is located in LuguCompark of ChangshaNational Hi-Tech Industry Development zone. The company owns a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Hunan Nanoradar Science and Technology co., ltd, and sales subsidiary companies in Beijing,Shanghai,and Shenzhen, build R & D centers in Changsha, Xi’an, Shenyang, Jinan and America, and have offices in Wuhan and Nanning.
NovaSky has established ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 Environment management system at an earlier stage and has approved as a Hi-Tech enterprise and a software certificated company. Our mission is to pioneer in such industries as anti-terrorism, rescue and public security and to be the world-class supplier and system integrator of electronic equipment in such industries.
Adhering to the scientific concept of developing technology, committing to application, self-improving and striving for the best, NovaSky focus on the research offuture core technologies in search and rescue, security and anti-terrorism, automobile security and other fields, and the research in the applications which has great strategic and further impact on the national development and even the whole human society. Featured by UWB radar, mmW radar and photoelectric technology, integrating electronic information and advanced technology in embedded computing fields, and based on its benefits of core technology, NovaSky has established the status of being internationally advanced and domestically leading in UWB radar and mmW radar fields, and has obtained nearly 30 patents authorized by China by the end of 2014.
In the application of automotive safety, Novasky has set up Hunan province engineering research center of automotive active safety technology.
In application of life search and rescue, NovaSky supplyvarious series of life detection and rescue products, robots rescue, intelligent indoor positioning system for firefighters and others to meet the demand of high-end security. It includes:
Life search and detection series: Handheld, portable, Robot-carried, UAV-carried, radio passive located and other life detection and search solutions
Robot rescue:Reconnaissance robots, firefighting robots and others
Wearable equipment for firefighter: Intelligent positioning and communication equipment combined M-PNT (Micro inertial navigation and passive location) and wide band communication technology
In application of security and anti-terrorism, NovaSkysupply perimeter security, microwave bi-staticradar, through-the–wall radar, radar human (hidden in vehicles) presence detection system, and radar and video fusion alarm system
In application of vehicle safety, NovaSkysupply 3D garage life detector, school bus life detector, intelligent traffic radar, automobile active safety radar and unmanned vehicle solution.
In the software customization development, as the approved software company, Novasky could develop various software platform and products, and the related technical services.
NovaSky’sindustry-leading products has broken up the monopoly of foreign technology, and has certificated in special fields as mining, coal security, construction and security etc., At present the products are widely used in national defense, aviation, aerospace, armed police, firefighting, border defense, customs, geology, construction and other fields, and also win great international reputation.